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CD, Réalisé le 2004

Seam Line Par Kav HateferSeam Line Par Kav Hatefer

Critique des clients

I got the recording from a friend and, am i glad? the music is fantastic. its by far one the most lulling ,spritual piece of instumental i have heard. from what i can tell the number of musical instruments are a flute, to a cello, a saxophone ,an accordian , a tambourine and drums!!! in the recording the gap between the songs is less , so one piece simply flows into another, making it very harmonious. the music definetely has the middle eastern jazz style , its harbours on the very primitive and yet contempory composition. one song particulary reminds me of BOLERO, but i think here its far more complex and engaging. the music on hearing "i swear" brings on a feeling of well being and good will, and its absolutely addictive, i have been playing this non stop for weeks now, and i stil long to hear ir again and again. i reccomend this album wholeheartedly, and i myself am waiting for more music from the same group. inspite of the music's simple spiritual quality, i find it at one level similar to Massive attack's, album Mezzanine, which again i am very fond of........but nothing beats Seam Lline, nothing does!! shirley b